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    Post by Bob on Thu Feb 11, 2010 1:37 am

    Got up this morning and made a start to the ventilation in the loft. I marked out the 6 holes in the roof at the rear end of the loft. (highest point.) Then I drilled 4 holes in each corner of the holes I wanted to cut. I then put up the ladder and climbed onto the roof with the jigsaw. I cut out the 6 holes in the roof. Then…….it started snowing.
    I switched off the electric and put the jigsaw away. I went into the loft for cover. While in the loft I fitted the 6 grills/vents into the roof. Its surprising how much light gets into the loft through the 6” X 12” holes. Think I will have to put a few skylights in the roof.
    The snow came to nothing and to be honest the roof was only slightly wet. I then fitted 2 lines of 4” X 2” across the roof (4” standing up) so as the vents were in between the 2 rows of timber. Loft is 20’ in length. I then covered these two rows of timber with chipboard. I now have 6 vents in a type of chimney. Tomorrow I just have to felt the chimney and the ventilation will be finished.

    I can then start on the front of the loft, as at the moment it still looks like a tippler/ show loft.
    Dark Chequer
    old bird
    old bird

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    Re: Ventilation

    Post by Dark Chequer on Thu Feb 11, 2010 1:03 pm

    When your done can you come and sort my loft out please

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